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Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Sometimes when you do weird domain searches, you get cool results. Check out these choice vintage shots of skateboarders shredding bowls.

"Circa 1975, Pasadena California, 9 years old, my cousin Sean lets me ride his skateboard. I rode that thing up and down the driveway non stop, I was hooked and it has been a part of my life ever since. I never entered or won any contest or hung out with the cool kids, it was just typically me, my board maybe a friend or two and a ratty old ramp, sweeping out a ditch or cleaning out the Darwin stew from the bottom of an abandon Arizona pool.

Along with checking out many of the skaters of the day and reading the write-ups through Skateboarder and Thrasher magazine, I always, ALWAYS, looked for the photo credits and took note of who was capturing these awesome moments, Glen Friedman, Craig Styck, Ted Terrebone, James Cassimus, Jim Goodrich, Mofo, Grant Brittain are just a few names that come to mind right off the bat, and these photographers have had just as much of an influence on me as the skaters themselves...."


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