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After visiting an exhibition by Master Glass Artist Dale Chihuly at the reopening of the De Young Fine Arts Museum of Sa Francisco, I was mesmerized by the way his work pushed all the buttons in my visual cortex. Back then glass blowing bongs was a bourgeoning art form and the techniques were being discovered.

Over the years the colors and detail in glass pieces has become more intricate and beautiful and rivals the visionary work Dale was doing at the time but clearly not in scale. As a 3D Digital Artist I wanted to push the envelope further but didn't have the glass skills required and honestly had reservations that the forms I envisioned could even be produced in glass. 3D Printing was not production ready quality or speeds so on I went to other endeavors. Until recently, I took a look at affordable 3D printers and decided to take a shot at creating my own bongs and bubblers

Inspired by the bright colors and ULTRA glossy shine of Dale's work I present to you my ultra high resolution realistic fantasy bongs and bubblers printed in ABS plastic and Vapor smoothed for that high gloss glass like finish.


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